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For a full description of our range and a list of ingredients and allergens, see the panel below.

You can find us at The Shed Collective Farmers’ Market most Saturdays, between 9am to 1pm. This is an awesome market which is entirely plant-based and is located at 99 Parrs Cross Rd, Oratia, Auckland.

There you’ll find a whole range of delicious foods from fresh produce to artisan cheese, all sorts of international flavours and bakery treats.

You can also find our products at our stockists. Scroll down for store details.

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omahu road deli pastrami

New York Style Pastrami

Our pastrami has a distinctive flavour that comes from our own blend of spices, the deep smoky notes of Hickory and just the right amount of heat with a black peppercorn rub.

Great in anything from sandwiches to bagels, on an antipasto platter when entertaining or sliced up in potato rösti for your weekend brunch.


omahu road deli chorizo

Spicy Spanish Chorizo

You won’t be disappointed with the full-bodied flavours of ORD’s award winning chorizo. The rich blend of smoky paprika, chipotle and herbs is true to its traditional roots in Spain and Portugal – and we’ve made sure there is a little kick of heat to be savoured!

So versatile, our chorizo is delicious crumbled and browned as part of your quesadilla filling or added to a hearty lentil casserole. It is just as scrumptious on a pizza or on your favourite crackers.


omahu road deli pepperoni

Poppa’s Pepperoni

Cracked peppercorns, Italian herbs and a sprinkle of fennel seed bring warmth and a subtle sweetness to our pepperoni, complementing the robust flavours of this spice mix.

A great all rounder, our pepperoni is a favourite on pizza and perfect in pasta. Like our chorizo, there are numerous ways to include it in a snack or meal.


Visit us on Saturdays 9am–1pm at The Shed Collective Farmers' Market

99 Parrs Cross Road, Henderson, Auckland 0612
(We're there most weekends — follow us on social media to stay up to date)

Also available at…

The Vegan Shop

(buy in store or online)


18 Maidstone Street
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1021
09 218 8682 

Commonsense Organics

(buy in store or online)


284 Dominion Rd
Mt Eden, Auckland 1034
ph 09 973 4133

37 Rongotai Rd
Kilbirnie, Wellington 6022
ph 04 387 1751

147 Tory St
Te Aro, Wellington 6011
ph 04 384 3314

Huckleberry New Lynn

(buy in store or online)


34D Portage Road
New Lynn
Auckland 0600
09 826 5454

Harvest by Huckleberry

(buy in store or online)


403-407 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1021
09 376 3107

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All of our products contain GLUTEN and SOY. May also contain traces of other allergens.



New York Style Pastrami:
wheat protein, chickpea flour, sugar, water, tamari sauce, worcestershire sauce (vegan), onion, garlic, salt, olive oil, vegetables, spices, liquid smoke
per 100g = energy 1201kJ; protein 34g; fat (total) 12.3g; (saturated) 2.3g;
carbohydrate 10.6g; sugars 2.8g; sodium 750mg

Spicy Spanish Chorizo:
wheat protein, water, tamari sauce, tomato paste, onion, garlic, salt, olive oil, spices, vinegar, liquid smoke
per 100g = energy 943kJ; protein 29.2g; fat (total) 5.4g; (saturated)1g;
carbohydrate 14.5g; sugars 6.9g; sodium 870mg

Poppa’s Pepperoni:
wheat protein, water, olive oil, tamari sauce, tomato paste, sugar, onion, garlic, vinegar, herbs and spices
per 100g = energy 1170kJ; protein 30.6g; fat (total) 21.7g; (saturated) 1.9g;
carbohydrate 10.3g; (sugars) 3.9g; sodium 443mg